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Auto Complete Search

Auto Complete Search extension provides an intelligent search option to the site visitors/customers. This Ajax based search makes the search experience convenient, user-friendly and quick for the site visitors.

This Extension is compatible with the latest version Magento Community 1.9

Product Description

Overview :
The Auto Search extension provides suggestions and makes it simple for your customers to find exactly what they need; quickly and conveniently. This extension is AJAX-based, so it doesn’t load your full database of products; load only those which have been matched. It allows your store visitors to navigate directly to their desired product pages, completely bypassing the search results page.
Extension Feature List :
  • Shows product images in the search results
  • Searches only after the third character has been entered
  • Ability to hide out of stock products
  • Option to show customizable header & footer of the search result, if there are no search results in header or footer
  • Shows product images in the search results
  • Ability to search by any product text attribute
  • Customizable product thumbnail dimension
  • Customizable search delay
  • Option to open search result link in a new window
  • Sort search results in alphabetical order
  • Uploadable pre-loader image
  • Ability to limit items displayed in drop down list
  • Customizable search item layout
  • Searched keyword shows highlighted
  • Store-wise enable/disable functionality for auto-search extension
  • Allows default Magento search to work, if this auto search is disabled for a particular store.

Demo URL: http://demo.mangoitsolutions.in/index.php/?___store=searchautocomplete

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