Color Swatch Extension

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Color Swatch Extension

The extension allows you to graphically enhance your product listing and product detail page. You can now assign colors and images to your product attributes along with a smooth zoom feature for product detail page.

This Extension is compatible with latest version Magento Community 1.9

Product Description

The color swatch is a Magento extension that helps users to view different color option for a product. It is basically for configurable products. This extension allows customers to view color swatches on product detail page as well as product listing page along with the drop down option. With this extension, the product attributes such as color, size, and types can be displayed as thumbnail images. Color swatch helps your customer to see how a product looks in different colors, shapes or designs.  The product images and it's more view will reload based on the selection. There’s facility to zoom in the product image by magnifying it to have a proper look also you can enable pop-up window from admin to see large product image by clicking on product main image.
Combined effectiveness of color swatch and zoom extensions gives an extension with multiple functionalities. Firstly, you get all the features of the color swatch extension of which the most important are– simplicity of installation, compatibility with all versions of Magento, the ability to show product attribute options as swatches on configurable products regardless of the type of the attribute (color, size, manufacturer, etc.), changing of product images and prices, the possibility of application to multiple attributes of a single product with the possibility of uploading different swatch images for each of those attribute options.
It is an easy and flexible way to create professional looking color swatches for your Magento store. This extension works with all versions of Magento and it comprises the functionality of color swatch and zoom.

Extension Features :

  • Easy installation and integration
  • Shows your product attribute options as swatches on configurable products on product listing page
  • Shows your product attribute options as swatches on configurable products on product detailed page
  • Changes the product images and prices as well as the more views images depending on the swatch selection
  • Gives you the option to upload different swatch images for your attribute options
  • Can be applied to multiple attributes on a single product
  • Swatch image size configurable via Magento administration
  • Can be used together with Magento’s default drop down boxes on configurable products
  • Shows the zoom on all your products
  • Also On changing the drop down, images and swatches will be changed
  • Set up the size of the main product image in administration
  • Enhances the Magento more view images functionality with zoom
  • Set up more view thumbnail size in administration
  • Set up zoom box size in administration
  • Enable/disable pop-up box from administration
  • Set up large image pop-up box size in administration
  • Allow more view images to update the main image and can be enabled/disable this feature from the administration
  • Allow to change more view images when loading the main image and can be enabled/disable this feature from the administration
  • Gives facility to search attributes in administration

Demo URL: http://demo.mangoitsolutions.in/index.php/?___store=color_swatch

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