Custom Banner with Lazy Loading

Custom Banner with Lazy Loading

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Custom Banner with Lazy Loading

Banners have always been the showcase of products/services & offers. No doubt, a nicely built banner can surely help in inducing customers to explore the site more. But spare a thought of your site taking eternity to load due to the load time of your banner. This can irate any visitor and eventually you can lose a probable customer. This extension will load the banner quickly by showing only the images that are within the viewport. The other images within the banner will be delayed till the user scrolls to them. This will help in reducing the bandwidth which the site banners usually consume while loading a page.

This Extension is compatible with latest version Magento Community 1.9

Product Description

Overview :
All shop owners know that custom banner images play an important part. However, there is one problem with this. The more images the site has as banners, the slower the site loads and utilizes more bandwidth. A very good solution to this is to load the site’s banner images on demand, or what is most commonly known as lazy loading.
This extension is for Custom Banners with Lazy loading. It delays loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport (visible part of web page) won’t be loaded before user scrolls to them. There is banner code for banner to display on any CMS page. It uses Prototype and jquery JavaScript for lazy loading of banner images.

Extension Feature List :

  • Applicable for simple custom banners manageable by admin.
  • Improves the site speed when using lazy loading for images of the banner.
  • Effective for banners with slide show having animated effects like fade in-fade out, blind up, puff, fold, grow etc.
  • Uses image resizing to display the banner image so that the image is not distorted.
  • Banner code can be used for different store pages

Demo URL: http://demo.mangoitsolutions.in/index.php/?___store=custombanner

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