Custom Menu

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Custom Menu

Give your website a redefined user experience with a fast and intuitive custom menu structure.

This Extension is compatible with latest version Magento Community 1.9

Product Description

It allows displaying product categories in a more intuitive manner which enhances the site design and hence makes it more attractive. The extension helps to decrease loading time of website and hence increases efficiency of websites. This not only increases the speed of the website but also is an important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

Extension Feature List:

  • This feature displays all sub-categories at once.
  • Through this feature you can customize number of columns in the drop-down.
  • Apply a static block at the bottom of each drop-down
  • We can also set the width of each static block.
  • Admin can decide to display empty categories : Yes/No
  • Split categories left to right into columns: Allows changing the direction of columns filling with subcategories in the categories pop up.
  • Right-to-Left format support.
  • Top offset is defined automatically if it is set to zero.
  • It displays product count for each sub categories.
  • Increase categories loading speed by creating its html at the time of category save before category page load.
  • Set visibility of category menu by enable or disable option
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